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Key People - Callis Contractors has a wonderful team to keep things moving.

Jesse Callis, President & CEO/Project Manager
Mr. Callis plans, directs and coordinates The Callis Team and its efforts, services and people by performing any and all duties necessary, either personally or through subordinate delegation. He's in charge of developing and managing industrial, pharmaceutical and medically-related projects, including research studies and testing to substantiate feasibility for renovations, construction and demolition projects. Mr. Callis also like fishing and is generally a nice guy.

Eric C. Phoenix, Chief Estimator/Project Manager
Mr. Phoenix works as our Chief Project Estimator and Project Manager. He is responsible for the preparation of conceptual, design development and construction cost estimation for architects, engineers, construction managers, developers and general contractors. He has worked on projects including, Pilot Street and Fayetteville Street Shopping Center the Durham Bulls Stadium Expansion and Pearsontown Trails. Mr. Phoenix is solid and when he gives his word, you can take it to the bank.

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