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Callis Contractors Inc & Barhnill JV Awarded Shaw University Tornado Restoration Project

Callis Contractors Inc and Barnhill Contracting JV will manage the restoration of Shaw University in Raleigh, NC. The damage to the first historically black university of the South, originally built in 1865, occured as a result of a rare tornado touching down in the area in mid-April. Callis is honored to be a part of this reconstruction.

Callis Contractors Inc is Featured in the May 2011 Edition of NC-BOWD Success Stories

Callis Contractors Inc is featured in the Department of Transportation's, May 2011 NC BOWD Success Stories. The feature occurs almost concurrently with the completion of the second tollbooth building on the Triangle Expressway modernization project. The buildings, are the first electronic tollbooths in the state of North Carolina.

Read the NC-BOWD article here.

Callis Contractors Inc & Brasfield & Gorrie JV Turn Over the Nation's first LEED Platinum-Qualified, Capital Area Transit Operations Facility to the City of Raleigh, NC

Callis Contractors Inc & Brasfield & Gorrie, (jointly CMAR), proudly watched as the ribbon was cut on the new facility. The City of Raleigh's Transit Operations Center, a $28.6 million, 125-bus facility with expansion capacity to 200, is the first integrated administration and maintenance facility of its kind in the nation to achieve qualification for LEED Platinum certification. The project was partially funded with ARRA funds.

Some of the facility's sustainable design features include:

-Geothermal wells provide high efficiency heating and cooling;

-Radiant floor heating is used in the large maintenance building to help maintain optimum thermal conditions;

-Reflective white roofs and concrete rather than asphalt paving minimizes the heat- island effect, reducing demand on air conditioning systems;

-Natural light through windows and skylights combined with sensors on the light fixtures reduce the amount of energy used for lighting the buildings;

-Water-saving plumbing fixtures and rainwater collection cisterns minimize water usage from the municipal system; and,

-Rapidly renewable and long life durable local materials will be used throughout the facility.

Callis Contractors Inc to Handle Repair, Renovation & Maintenance of Federal Property in the Commonwealth of Virginia

Callis Contractors Inc. named one of four GC's to handle all repair, renovation and maintenance work for federally-owed and leased property throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. The work will allow Callis to expand regionally, increase partnering activities and further engage in professional opportunities.

Callis Builds Triangle Expressway, North Carolina's First Modern Toll Road

Callis Contractors Inc.'s progress on North Carolina's first modern toll roads are covered by the News and Observer as a result of being NC's first electronic toll road. Callis is building the tollbooths for Wake and Durham Counties and will soon add Charlotte to its list of tollbooth installation sites.

Callis Contractors Inc Named Protege for Pre-con on NCSU Centennial Campus' New Housing Complex

Callis Contractors Inc. will partner with Balfour/Beatty Barnhill and NC State to build the Centennial Campus's newest dormitory near the engineering school. The 1150-bed, apartment-style student housing complex will include a dining facility and structured parking. This project allows Callis to increase its presence in public/private work within the state of North Carolina..

Callis Contractors Inc Opens Offices In Philadelphia

Callis Contractors Inc. opens offices in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in response to opportunities for federal, commerial, and private work in the area. The office will allow Callis to expand regionally, increase partnering activities and further engage in professional opportunities.

Callis Contractors Inc Accepts Diversity Award from Durham Chamber of Commerce

Callis Contractors Inc. gracefully accepts the nomination and is awarded the Circle of Influence for Diversity from the City of Durham's Chamber of Commerce. The award recognizes and celebrates CCI's support, commitment and contributions to the community, and to other diversity firms through subcontracting, partnering activities and philanthropy.

Callis Contractors Inc Announces Receipt of SBA 8a/SDB Certification Number

Callis Contractors Inc. proudly announces receipt of its SBA 8(a)/SDB certification number. The certification #301964, establishes legitimacy of SBA certification and distinguishes CCI from other 8a/SDB firms when competing for set-aside federal contracts.  

Callis Contractors Inc Prequalifies as North Carolina DOT Prime Contractor

Callis Contractors Inc. proudly announces that the North Carolina Department of Transportation has prequalified it as a prime contractor. This means that CCI has the opportunity to compete directly for bids let from the NC-DOT. Callis looks forward to taking full advantage of this opportunity.  

Callis Contractors Inc Announces Certification as a DMBE with the State of Virginia

Callis Contractors Inc. proudly announces that within the State of Virginia, CCI is certified as a MBE/SBE (Minority-owned Small Business Enterprise) under its Disadvantaged Minority Business Enterprise system. This designation allows Callis to qualify for set-aside contracts within the state of Virginia. Callis looks forward to expanding its footprint to include additional areas outside of North Carolina.  

Callis Contractors Inc Announces SBA 8a/SDB Award

Callis Contractors Inc. proudly announces that the SBA has designated the firm as an 8(a) and SDB certifications recipient. The certifications allow Callis to qualify for a greater percentage of set-aside contracts. Callis looks forward to taking full advantage of competing for opportunities offered under these designations.  

Inc Magazine Announces Callis Contractors Inc Potential Nomination to Top 100


Callis Contractors  may make Inc Magazine's list of the Top 100 inner city businesses. Although the honor is not new  to Callis, and would mark Callis' third acknowledgement overall, it is the first potential nomination since the tragic events of September 11. Callis Contractors Inc is proud to have an impact on the inner city, and will gladly represent the City of Durham if this award manifests in April 2007.

Callis Contractors Inc Announces New EDI-Capabilities

Callis Contractors Inc. would like to announce new EDI capabilities which allows Callis to conduct business online. E-business allows Callis alternative methods of acquiring new business reaching clients and growing as a competitive force in the industry. This is just another way Callis is using technology to conduct business more effectively.

Jesse Callis, Founder and President of Callis Contractors Inc., is proud to expand Callis from its brick and mortar beginnings to now offer e-business. Callis constantly seeks methods of advancing its practices within  the construction industry. business,

Callis Contractors Inc Announces its SBA 8a/SDB Interest

Callis Contractors Inc. looks forward to achieving SBA 8(a) and SDB certifications. The certifications allow Callis to qualify for a greater percentage of set-aside contracts  for small and minority-owned businesses. Callis looks forward to completing this process.

Callis Contractors Inc Wishes All a Happy New Year

Callis Contractors Inc. looks forward to serving you again this year. Please contact us for all of your contracting needs. On behalf of the Callis Team, Jesse Callis would like to wish everyone the best during the holiday season. Happy Holidays!

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