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At Callis Contractors Inc, we build, renovate and perform demolition services on schedule and on budget. To deliver, we rely on our wealth of experience. The management team at Callis Contractors Inc. consists of smart-working individuals with backgrounds in engineering, architectural design, project management and of course, construction.

Our employees average over 10 years with our company. Our key employees and ownership have honed their skills at some of the finest colleges across the country and have served as partner on some of the most prestigious construction and commercial contracts in North Carolina.

If you are seeking any of the following, contact Callis Contractors Inc:

  • Industrial Contractor
  • Non-Invasive Thermal Imaging
  • Commercial, Renovations, Remodeling Contractor
  • Certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE)
  • HUB Certified Contractor
  • General Contractor
  • Design Build Contractor
  • Industrial Contractor
  • EDI-Capable
  • Demolition Contractor

We've got  experience.

Our primary tasks are those that may be filed under the following categories.

Industrial Building & Development

At Callis, we build and develop warehouse spaces and more. We complete site development and work, including utilities, water, sewer and site grading. 

Non-Invasive Thermal Imaging

Callis understands that you can't fix a problem unless you are aware of it. With Callis' non-invasive infrared technology, we have the capability to monitor, inspect, diagnose and show you, the condition of your buildings. Services include potential structural and moisture awareness, energy efficiency, and even pest or rodent issues.

General Contractor

As a self-performing General Contractor, Callis Contractors Inc. will enhance your project team wherever you are in the process. The Callis team performs GC assignments on both a negotiated contract and bid basis.

Construction Management

As Construction Managers, Callis Contractors Inc. is prepared to provide primary contracts and subcontracts. Whichever is right for your project, we bring our diverse experience, safety and professionalism to assist you in achieving your project, on time, on budget and with great quality.


Callis Contractors Inc. has participated in highly successful design-build projects, acting as a single point of contact for the client and accepting responsibility for both design and construction phases. The design-build process gives owners an efficient way to interface with engineering, architectural and construction team members early on and facilitates an efficient, cost-effective parallel coordination structure. 

Commercial & Corporate

We work on administration buildings, corporate offices and structures, complete site maintenance, including parking deck repair, roof replacements, storm and roof drains, video investigations and thermal imaging inspections.

Demolition, Renovation & Restoration

We work complete and select demolition. We completely demolish and dispose of structures and also selectively remove and dispose of items that our clients don't want. WE also renovate and restore multiple projects.

Pharmaceutical & Healthcare

We understand the confidential nature of this industry and work on labs, administrative offices and other structures dealing with medicine, research and pharmaceuticals. 

Government Contracting/E-business

We perform the same services for the government that we perform for other clients. We work on projects that require high quality, great service and solid construction.


We perform a variety of tasks for the retail industry including work on shopping centers, storefronts and stores.

Colleges & Universities

We value education and understand that the educational system's growth and needs change from time to time. We are flexible, creative and provide solutions that meet your needs. 

Other Services

We also solicit and cover, Aviation, Department of Transportation and other types of work.

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1306  Broad Street
Durham, NC  27705
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